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Founded in 2005 the license Copyfreedom has a universal approach to the widest possible knowledge and science beyond any case data or monopoly by individuals, companies, institutions foundations or governments.

CopyFreedom is a licence to disseminate knowledge or any free work, and requiring all modified and extended versions of the information to be free as well.

You may only retrieve the contents under the CopyFreedom Licence for scientific, academic and informational purposes.

You may save a local copy or send it to your printer for your own personal use or in order to inform any people and potential users about the contents published under the CopyFreedom Licence.

COPYFREEDOM is grateful if you quote www.copyfreedom.com in any use that you make of the contents that you find hosted at this Licence.

You can Copy, Cut and Paste all information hosted under the COPYFREEDOM LICENCE in any form at any time. COPYFREEDOM will be thankful again for any act to promote any knowledge in any place and circumstances.

You can also modify the information found under the COPYFREEDOM LICENCE without the express permission of the CopyFreedom Human Knowledge Freedom Research.



The colossal work of Professor Antonio Escohotado is the first licensed Copyfreedom content published on the Internet. "The enemies of trade" is a work of rigorous universal model of source citing sources used.



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